photo collage of numerous hand knit and crocheted dolls

Hand Made Dolls & Patterns

In addition to graphic designs, marketing, and promotional products, I love to design knit and crochet items! 

My favorites are dolls (aka amigurumi or softies). I especially love the challenge of creating my own fan version of some of my favorite characters from movies, tv, and comics!

Patterns are for personal use.  If you make one of my creations please be sure to tag me on InstaGram @CrystalWarElk

I absolutely LOVE the challenge of creating a new doll. Got something you want made? Contact me!

You can also view my work over on Ravelry and TikTok


My Creations

I absolutely love creating new dolls and knitted or crocheted items and the patterns to go along with them.  

Click on the image below to learn more, download the pattern (if available) and more!  I am working on getting all of my patterns uploaded. If there’s one in particular that you want, feel free to contact me to get it moved to the top of the list!

★ = Pattern available for download

photo of rainbow Pride Baphomet hand crocheted doll

Pride Baphomet Doll

Baphomet represents a balance of all things as it is half human, half goat, half female, half male so they are the perfect representation for Pride! 

This doll stands approximately 15″ tall and features extremely soft white fleece yarn as its base, although other colors are available for base and the gay pride rainbow colors in acrylic yarn and the Trans Pride colors on its ears. 

Other pride colors available such as asexual, bisexual, pansexual, etc. Or you can just have it be your favorite colors! 

Base can be white, natural, blue, pink, lime-green or other color if I switch to acrylic yarn. 

$60 for custom order.

Pattern coming soon! 

Check out this video for his full glory!

Photo of Hand Knit Mirabel Madrigal doll
Mirabel - click for free pattern!

Mirabel & Bruno Madrigal

inspired hand-knit and embroidered doll!

I absolutely LOVED Encanto and Mirabel holds a very special place in my heart.  I could not wait to get started on designing her! 

Although she was definitely a work of love.  There is SOOOO much embroidery details!  It had been years since I had done anywhere near this much embroidery, but I absolutely LOVE how she turned out! 

Her pattern is available to download for free!  Although, please note that this is my first draft so please let me know if you run into any issues so I can correct the pattern. 



Photo of Hand Knit Bruno doll with bucket and trowel
photo of hand knit Sam doll from Trick R Treat complete with his pumpkin lollipop and dirty bag. He was hand knit and then painted.
Sam from Trick R Treat (Multiple Sizes)
photo of hand knit Baby Yoda aka Grogu doll on a red background
Baby Yoda (Grogu) (Multiple Sizes)
photo of hand crocheted Beetlejuice doll
Crocheted Beetlejuice Doll
photo of hand crocheted t-rex doll - lime green with blue and purple accents and a silly smile
Spike the not so tiny T-Rex
Photo of green and gray Nom-bee with 3D brains coming out of head
Jumbo ZomBee
photo of hand crocheted pink, gray and black Baphomet doll (goat demon
Pink and Black Baphomet
Photo of Hand Knit Witch doll wearing black and purple dress with green skin and orange hair and black hat
Fiesty Witch
Photo of hand knit Santa Doll
Chonky Santa
Photo of my knitters bracelet. A hand knit bracelet to designed to hold knitting and crochet notions including DPNS, stitch markers, tapestry needles and more.
Knitter's Bracelet ★
Photo of hand knit horror themed snowmen including Jason, Freddy, Beetlejuice, and Chucky
Horror Snowmen
Photo of hand knit Vampire ornament
Vampire Ornament
photo of Michael Myers hand knit ornament
Michael Myers ornament
Photo of hand knit Dead Pool doll riding hand crocheted rainbow unicorn on green background
Deadpool with Unicorn
photo of velvet hand crocheted Vampire with cape
Velvet Vampire
photo of hand knit Frankenstein's monster and his bride
Frank and his Bride
photo of hand crocheted jumbo ZomBear
ZomBear - he only cares about Brains!
photo tiny pride bee
Mini Pride Bee
photo mini Pride Octopus
Mini Pride Octopus
photo small octopus
Octopus made from scrap yarn
photo of purple velvet sassy bat
Sassy Velvet Bat
photo of tiny crocheted ghost doll
Happy Little Ghost
photo of Koala with top hat and bow tie
Distinguished Koala
photo of soft velvet bunny
Pink Velvet Bunny
photo of hand crocheted Juju Doll and Eyeball Coasters
Juju Doll and Eyeball Coasters
photo of hand knit and crocheted Vampire Snow White
Vampire Snow White
photo of jellyfish
photo of hand knit small vampire
Small Vampire